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Psychologist, Christian counselling


Q: How do I get Medicare Rebates?

A: If you make an appointment with either your GP, or Psychiatrist, you may be referred on a Mental Health TreatmentPlan (MHTP).  Please check with your referring practitioner if you have an eligible diagnosis for a MHTP.

Please bring your referral letter stating the number of sessions that you have been referred for and a copy of your MHTP to your initial appointment. With a MHTP you are initially released 6 sessions and then a further 4 sessions may be released after a review of your plan by your GP, or Psychiatrist. Due to Covid-19 an additional 10 sessions may also be released in a calendar year if required. This means, that you are eligible for up to 20 Medicare sessions per calendar year (1st Jan - 31st Dec).

Q: Can I attend sessions without a GP referral?

A: Yes, you can attend sessions without a GP referral. Some people prefer not to utilise the Medicare scheme, or the issues that you would like to seek help for are not covered by the Medicare scheme. You can still attend an appointment and pay for the full session fee.

Please note that Medicare do not cover Couples Therapy.

Q: Can I get a rebate from my health insurance company?

A: Please check with your private Health insurance first as you may be eligible for a refund. This is dependent on the level of your cover and may not be claimed when also claiming the Medicare rebate scheme for the sessions.

Q. How many sessions will I require?

A: The number of sessions that you will require depends on the complexity and nature of your situation. On average, the number of sessions required are between 6 to 15 sessions, again dependent on what you are currently experiencing and seeking treatment for.

A clearer understanding can be sought and discussed at the initial session. 

Q: I am a Christian and I am looking for a psychologist who is also a Christian?

A: I understand that this gives you comfort when taking that first step in making an appointment to visit a psychologist who is also a Christian. I am a Christian, and I am also a psychologist. It is important to note that as a psychologist I only use evidence-based treatments for psychological conditions, and being a Christian does not necessarily change any of these aspects of the treatment that will be provided. It is however understandable that some people will feel more comfortable speaking to a psychologist who shares similar Christian values.

Please note, clients from all backgrounds and religions are welcome at my practice and I am non-judgemental about beliefs and values.